Information dashboard for Head of Regional Council

Complex information about region on your smartphone, tablet or PC

The information dashboard – is a modern format for collecting and visualizing large amounts of data (such as graphs, charts, maps, etc). This is an analytics dashboard with a clear view for interactive interaction with a huge number of constantly changing indicators. 

The information dashboard for the Head of Regional Council gives you smart, real-time reports that let you see what’s happening right now, both across the region and in individual integrated communities, cities, towns, and villages. This avoids unnecessary problems and makes decisions much faster.


  • Get visual tools for organizing and interacting with data using maps, graphs, charts, gauges, and other visual analytics that are dynamic
  • Make analyze and monitor the structure of land use, its dynamics, threats and risks
  • Promptly assess the quality of soils, their potential yield, agroecological condition, degradation processes, long-term changes in these parameters
  • Available to any device: TV, PC, tablet, smartphone


Citizens appeals
  • look on the map where the most appeals from citizens about bad roads, necessary to repair the bus stops, sidewalks, benches etc.
  • rating of the reasons of the citizens' appeals in questions of local transport
  • appeals from citizens about environmental problems (remove or illegal dumping of garbage, emissions from enterprises that pollute land or water, illegal deforestation, etc.)
Transport and infrastructure
  • the number of transport units on the balance of the region, each OTG separately and how many of them need to repair
  • number of appeals and requests for budgeting from schools, kindergartens, socio-cultural and sports institutions, medical institutions, etc.
  • the amount of money from the budget that was spent on transport
  • the number and condition of infrastructure facilities and maintenance costs
  • engineering communications: power lines, gas lines, water lines, sewage and heating networks, underground cables and manholes for their maintenance, indicating their type, technical characteristics (material and diameter of pipes, depth of manholes, etc.)
Environment and ecology
  • data about water quality, drying of rivers, deforestation, etc. in the region
  • the nature of pollution and emissions from different types of enterprises
  • data on places of illegal dumping of garbage and recreational pollution of territories