Dashboard for the public officer

Consolidated information about all key systems of the region on the screen of a phone, tablet or computer

A dashboard is a modern format for collecting and visualizing large amounts of data (in the form of graphs, charts, maps, etc.). This is an analytical panel with clear views for the interaction with a large volume of constantly changing data.

The dashboard for a civil servant will provide you with smart reports in real-time, thanks to which you will see what is happening right now in your region, specific structure, etc. This will help you to avoid unnecessary moves and help you make a decision dozens of times faster.


  • Get visual aids to organize and interact with data using maps, graphs, charts, gauges, and other visual analytics, which is dynamic
  • Effectively manage various services in real-time
  • Form a single information space of the region, which contains information about the territory, regulations for its use, real estate, transport, and engineering infrastructure
  • Allows you to analyze large amounts of data in a convenient format
  • Available on any device: TV, PC, tablet, smartphone


  • the total amount of the budget allocated to the region and its distribution according to the planned programs
  • the amount of the spent budget for each structure / project / area, both in real-time and in retrospect for previous periods
  • the volume of the gross regional product by years / quarters / months, etc.
Environment and ecology
  • quality of air, water, etc. regional
  • nature of pollution and emissions from various types of industrial enterprises
  • calls from citizens about problems with garbage disposal and street pollution
  • percentage coverage of the city green spaces