Summary information about all the key indicators of the company on the screen of your phone, tablet or computer.

The information panel is a modern format for collecting and visually presenting large data sets (in the form of graphs, charts, maps, etc.). This is an analytical panel with a clear view for interactive interaction with a huge number of constantly changing indicators.

The information panel for the head of the company will provide you with smart reports in real time, thanks to which you will see what is happening right now in your company, its divisions, a particular employee, and so on. This avoids unnecessary red tape and makes decisions dozens of times faster.

Key features of the dashboard

  • systematize and visualize data;
  • present them to the consumer in the form of simple and visual animation;
  • receive the latest reports, promptly observe the dynamics of data;
  • highlight key information to keep it under control;
  • publish data in the required hierarchy, compare them;
  • to optimize the study of large data sets, to highlight the most important on the principle: "at first glance, the situation has become clear";
  • compare blocks of information, quickly receive information in a customized form.

Dashboard indicators

  • summary information about current and completed projects of the company in one place
  • project budgets, start dates, planned completion, actual completion of projects, standby;
  • visual indication by means of color about a condition of the project concerning terms of performance (not overdue / overdue and for how long)
  • control the timing and status of tasks using the Gantt chart, and the ability to group tasks by projects, working groups, etc .;
  • visual color coding for tasks responsible for performing;
  • the ability to filter according to the names of tasks, groups, projects, responsibilities or deadlines to conveniently display those tasks that are interesting at the moment;
  • setting up filtering by various criteria (employee, period, department, etc.)
  • convenient graphical structural display in the form of network diagrams to display connections between different contacts (partners, customers, etc.);
  • the ability to group by different criteria;
  • color coding on various grounds such as the presence of a signed contract, etc .;
  • display of contact information such as phone numbers, e-mail addresses.
  • display of information about working hours of employees from systems of accounting of working hours and systems of setting tasks in real time;
  • opportunity to see information on the planned working hours and its actual use;
  • possibility of grouping on different periods (day, month, quarter, etc.).